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One of the leading Insurance broking companies in India offering insurance solutions, offers unparalleled combination of services with extensive in-house expertise

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We undertake insurance broking business, both in life and non-life segments with a focus on retail and commercial lines of business.

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We are headquartered in Chennai and have 24 locations across the country.

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General Insurance

General Insurance refers to Insurance which covers all Insurance such as Car, Home, Travel, Business, and Health etc, everything other than Life Insurance; hence this is a broad term. It can be also said, the provision made for the risk of loss to any of your property including you. IEP Insurance Broking Services Private Limited helps you getting insured the said properties with Leading Insurance Providers in your area at a cheaper rate. Insurance Premium is what you have to pay. We make it easy and comfortable for you to get insured by contacting us. Insurance is not a financial burden instead it is your Financial Security.

There are a large number of products available in the General Insurance sector. Some of the more common ones like vehicle insurance, maybe familiar but even here there could be gaps about what is required to be covered and what has been covered by Insurance. Also post detariffing (1st Jan 2007) even these familiar covers need guidance as the rate of premium is no longer common to all insurers, so understanding whether one is paying the right price for the cover becomes imperative and needs professional assistance. IEPIBS with its experience in the Indian Market can understand and represent your interests in a professional manner, highlighting the good and unique features, suggesting steps for Loss control and prevention, and deal with the best of the Insurance providers in the field for each sector, to get you the required Insurance protection at effective prices