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One of the leading Insurance broking companies in India offering insurance solutions, offers unparalleled combination of services with extensive in-house expertise

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We undertake insurance broking business, both in life and non-life segments with a focus on retail and commercial lines of business.

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We are headquartered in Chennai and have 24 locations across the country.

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Why do we need Insurance Brokers?:
Brokers represent the client, not the insurer
Brokers have expertise, knowledge of market and negotiating skills
Brokers are accountable to clients for professional negligence
Brokers are technically competent to evaluate insurance companies on the basis of coverage, services and price and thus ensure healthy competition
Brokers are more aware of national and international markets
Broker's domain knowledge is useful to study the survey reports, determine / question lapses
Brokers assist in speedy and fair settlement of claims
Brokers are the most stable insurance distribution channel
Brokers normally have higher bargaining power - leading to significant Cost Savings for clients
Brokers are able to get a better deal in hard markets
Brokers can structure specialized insurance programs - policy limits, minimizing deductibles and optimizing coverage terms
Brokers help you get the best terms and service from your insurer - shifting from your existing insurer is not necessary
Brokers help you evaluate the 'terms' and 'service' you are enjoying today vis-a-vis the 'best' available in today's competitive market - take advantage of competition
Brokers help you see all the faces of a cube and choose the best for yourself - even the 'best' insurer can present only 1 face of the cube - his own.
Brokers provide several Other Services like Policy Audit, improvement in coverages, expert handling of claims, day-to-day policy administration, etc.,
Outsourcing to professionals frees up mind space and makes the in-house team available for other more productive activities